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Our pride is our people and the experiences we create for our fans. High Moon’s talent comprises of industry veterans responsible for some of the most successful games ever made. We have award winning developers, published artists and game specialists recognized as among the best in their field. Our studio has a history of using innovative techniques designed to boost productivity and product quality, which in turn enhances our studio's quality of life.


We’ve seen stuff. We’ve done stuff. We’re still at it.

Peter Della Penna

Studio Head

Matt 'Tieg' Tieger

Vice President, Game Director

Chuck Yager

Development Director, Executive Producer

Stephane Etienne

Chief Technology Officer

David Cravens

Senior Creative Director

Andrew Zaferakis

Senior Director of Technology

Megan Bennett

Human Resources Manager

Matt Krystek

Design Director

Ivan Power

Art Director

Jeff Froehlich

Finance Manager

Alejandro Carbonero

Director of Technical Art

Daniel Mulkiewicz

IT Director


These talented guys and girls bring the magic every day.

Ashley Barnett


Dietmar Suoch

Senior C++ Programmer

Corina Bello

Sound Designer

Roger Biglang-Awa

Senior Environment Artist

Gregory Brant

Technical Artist

Michael Brown

Principal Character Artist

Anh Bui


Colin Callahan

Senior Technical Designer

Chad Campbell

Lead Character Technical Artist

George Castro

Senior Animation Scripter

Alexander Chiang

Associate Rendering Engineer

David Christie

Senior Programmer

Norwood Cole

Lead Concept Artist

Scott Connary

Desktop Support Technician

Jason Copeland


Yves Couturier

Senior Environment Artist

Alex Crast

QA Analyst

Saleem Crawford

QA Analyst

Jim Daly

Senior Concept Artist

Christopher Davidson

Associate Desktop Support Technician

Justin DeBernardis

Associate AI Programmer

John Drelick

Senior Sound Designer

Matthew Duncan

Game Designer

Martin Ecker

Principal Programmer

Jeremy Fenske

Concept Artist

Jason Flores

QA Analyst

Jon Futch

AI Programmer

Matthew Giddings

QA Analyst

Garrett Graham


Jarkko Haekkinen

Principal Programmer

Sloan Hood

Senior Environment Artist

Brandon Huynh

QA Analyst

Brian Johnson

Senior Technical Producer

Bill Johnston

Senior FX Artist

Michael Kersey

Senior Programmer

Eugene Kim


Dan Kit

Senior Environment Artist

Joshua Krolak


Jae Hyuk Kwak

Senior Programmer

Priscilla Landerer

Character Artist

Hoya Lee

Senior Lighting Artist

Matthew Lim

Senior FX Artist

Ryan Lockhart

Mission Designer

Mark Loperfido

Senior Sound Designer

Pearl Lorenzo


Zach Madere

Concept Artist

Corey McKemy

Mission Designer

Quinn Nguyen

Senior FX Artist

Connor Norman

Game Designer

Niles Ondoy

Prop Artist

Joey Hammer

Senior Tools Programmer

Kun Dong

Associate Character Artist

Brian LaFrance

Senior Vista Artist

Dan Phillips

Technical Artist

Alejandro Potter

Associate Animator

Carl Prescott

Senior User Interface Designer

Patrick Przybyla

Senior Animator

Esther Wu

Concept Artist

Nick Rench

Associate Mission Designer

David Ruiz

Senior Game Designer

Christian Sakanai

Lead Tools Programmer

Orlando Salvatore

Online Programmer

Nate Sartain

Prop Artist

William Schilthuis

Lighting Artist

Ryan Zuidema

QA Analyst

Gabe Sheets

Lead Designer

Kyle Smotherman

Environment Artist

Richard Sobehrad

Associate Producer

Emma Somers

Human Resources Coordinator

Joshua Sonsteng

QA Analyst

Randy Stebbing

Principal Technical Artist

Alex Stockwell


Craig Sutton

Mission Designer

Scott Torgeson

AI Programmer

Jordon Trebas

Game Designer

Jeff Kaplan

Game Designer

Damon Wilson-Hart

Principal Artist

Kim Wood

Game Designer

Jason Corica

Associate Producer

Jeremy Wiuff

Associate Game Designer

John Zhang

Lead Props Artist

Tom Hoeg

Game Designer

Chris Pasetto

Lead Designer

Sal Arditti

Lead Lighting Artist

Adam Shields

Lead QA Tester

Keith Staines

Lead Programmer

Jason Diaz

Lead Animator

Mizuho Rigby

Director, Executive Services

Ivan Kaplow

Lead Environment Artist

Ian Mika

Lead Sound Designer

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